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What do you want to get done? We are here to help you bring your brilliant idea to reality!
It's all about a fresh idea!
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Unleash your innovative ideas, work with skilled professionals, and watch your ideas transform into satisfying solutions/products. It’s all about YOU!

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what makes us different

We will work with you (for free) to come up with ideas and suggestions on how to improve your business, product, or service. We love innovative ideas! Thus, we offer:

  • multiple design options for your website
  • multiple ideas/designs for your brand (logos, business cards, etc.)
  • free (limited) consultation.

We are a people-centric organization. Contrary to what you might be thinking, we’re not only concerned about code, coffee, and computer games 😉. We’re passionate about:

  • solutions that make a direct impact on people
  • client satisfaction
  • adequate employee welfare.

Though it is debatable whether perfection is an attainable idea or not, we strive towards it with every product release through:

  • Continuous interactions with our clients during the design and development process
  • Meticulous examination and validation of our designs and products
  • Pre-release testing of products
The Genius Factor ®

For each project you entrust us with, watch out for a free (unrequested) feature! You may find one of these:

  • Online chatbot
  • Social media integration
  • Online file management
  • Many more!
services we provide
Web Development

Give us your business idea or brick-and-mortar establishment, and watch it turn into an irresistible online presence. We provide WordPress, E-commerce, Content Management Systems, and flexible, customized websites built from scratch.

Desktop/Mobile App Development

From desktop to mobile applications, we’ve got you covered. We provide top-notch reliable software products with real-time management and consultation. Once in the hands of our team of software developers, consider your job (superbly) done. Need AI-based (Machine Learning) solutions? Look no further!

Branding and Graphics Design

We understand how important it is to look good (not just for humans). We guarantee you will be impressed with the stunning designs we will create for you, cross our (collective) hearts 😊.

Copy Writing

Love the crafting of our website text? We bet you do, and you can have the same – and even better – quality of engaging copy on yours too! We’re just a phone call (or text message, or email, or submitted contact form, or WhatsApp chat, or…) away.

IT Training/Consultation

As a people-centric company, we offer IT training services for primary, high-school, and college students, as well as industrial/business professionals.


Have a great business idea, but don’t know how to go about developing it? We offer services to help you through the processes you need. Drop us a line!

our team


CEO & Fullstack Developer

Python, Django, Javascript

He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Genius Soft Digital Solutions Limited with over 10 years of experie…


CEO & Fullstack Developer

He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Genius Soft Digital Solutions Limited with over 10 years of experience in software development and IT solutions. Loves programming with Python


Co-founder & CTO

C++, Python, Java, R, Matlab

With years of experience in scientific and software programming as well as machine learning, he hol…


Co-founder & CTO

With years of experience in scientific and software programming as well as machine learning, he holds an MSc (cum laude) in Computer Science and is currently pursuing his PhD in Machine Learning and Data Science. He won the Best Graduating Student award for his BSc, and is a seasoned Computer Science and IT tutor with almost a decade of experience. He loves learning, and enjoys listening to music, writing songs and poems, playing the keyboard, reading books, and thinking in his spare time.

Digital Solutions

We are honest hard working people

Send us a Quote Now

01Generate ideas

Drop us a line, and we will set up a meeting with you, either physically or through video/voice conference, to get a clear idea of what you want. Depending on the complexity of the project, we might also ask you to send us a Requirements Document where you list all the functions you need.

04Launch & Deliver

Once we’re done with development, we will provide you a pre-release version of the product (software, website, etc) for testing and debugging. Once the testing period is over, your product goes LIVE.

Preparing the Quote02

We will then send you a quote with details of the project and its price requirements which you will be able to view and sign online. Once signed, we will send you an invoice for payment. We require 50% payment before we begin the project, and 50% payment after its completion (approved by you), just before delivery.

Project Development03

This is where the rubber meets the road! Once your first installment reaches us, sleeves roll up, codes begin to churn out, and coffee flows. We will consult with you intermittently to verify that we are on track according to your requirements.

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Digital Solutions

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why trust us

We’re used to giving (and being) the best, as our track record shows. We bring EVERYTHING to each new project, and it’s an exciting journey as much for you as it is for us.

We’re committed to maintaining scrupulous integrity in all our dealings. We will not take on any shady projects or deals. A clean conscience is of much more value to us than money.

We will provide two weeks FREE support after the delivery of your project. That’s how confident we are in the quality of our products!

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